Executing <script> tags in HTML report template

I am attempting to use a third party JavaScript plugin (JsBarcode - Barcode generator written in JavaScript) to generate barcodes in an html template. The JavaScript is being invoked as an embedded tag. The barcode is being inserted as an image into the page. When outputting the report as HTML, the tags are executed properly. But when the output is changed to PDF, it doesn’t execute the . What tools are used to convert to PDF? I’d like to look through further documentation to figure this out. Or perhaps you have a workaround for this?

Thank you for consideration


Unfortunately, it is impossible. We use flyingsaucer rendering library that supports HTML & CSS only.

I’d recommend that you use something like barcode4j to generate images for reports.

How wold I integrate that? Would it be through FreeMarker? or perhaps a Groovy script?