Exclude entities from being indexed?

Full-text search work for entities of the framework security subsystem: Role, Group and User.
Is there a way to exclude this entities of being indexed?
I tried:

<entity class="com.haulmont.cuba.security.entity.User">
<entity class="com.haulmont.cuba.security.entity.Group"">
<entity class="com.haulmont.cuba.security.entity.Role">

But it checks all these entities when they are created. Is there a way for fts not to check this entities at all?

You need to change the cuba.ftsConfig property in the app.properties file.
remove the plus sign in the beginning of the property value:

cuba.ftsConfig = +com/company/demo1/fts.xml


cuba.ftsConfig = com/company/demo1/fts.xml

It will mean: do not inherit any FTS configuration from the platform and add-ons. Thus all entities to index will be configured only by fts.xml file in your project.