Exception after adding FTS

Hi CUBA team,
I can’t run my project anymore after adding FTS. Here is what I get as message when i try to run it, it compiles well though:

Failed to load the widgetset: ./VAADIN/widgetsets/com.company.web.toolkit.ui.AppWidgetSet/com.company.web.toolkit.ui.AppWidgetSet.nocache.js?1496646421128

Thanks for your help.

Try to redeploy the application (execute Run->undeploy, Run->deploy in Studio).
Check contents of the tomcat/webapps/app/VAADIN/widgetsets/com.company.test.web.toolkit.ui.AppWidgetSet folder. As written in the error com.company.web.toolkit.ui.AppWidgetSet.nocache.js should be there.
Have you created a web toolkit module in your project? Which value has the cuba.web.widgetSet property (in web-app.properties)?
And which widgetSetClass is written in the “buildWidgetSet” task in build.gradle?

Yes, i have web toolkit in my app as i have used a Vaadin add-on. I’ll check and come back.

What could be the link with the FTS activation and AppWidgetSet?

Hi Rostislav
Thanks for your comments. Here is what I have done :

I have redeployed the application and tried but same issue
However, noticed that the widgetsets folder under VAADIN is deleted, it’s no longer there. I think something went wrong while added the FTS component. After I have restored my Widgetsets folder from backup app, it is running.

However, I don’t see the FTS search button. I am submitting a separate question.



Have you set the fts.enabled property? As written in the documentation.