Excel Report - List of Entities


I do have a list of entities report which is getting printed in XLSX format. In my entity I do have a composition and I want to show list of values in composition as well in Report. I don’t know how do this.

I looked at various documents and previously asked questions and end up doing below, but i’m not getting desired output.



Attached is my report template.

Detailed Equipment Summary - Vessels.xlsx (11.6 KB)

Kindly help me.



This issue can be solved this way:

  1. Choose dataset type SQL for your band psv
  2. You should make a string from of your id’s list in SQL-query. Here is an example how it could be implemented:
select group_concat(e.name SEPARATOR ',') as result
from library_Book e join LIBRARY_LITERATURE_TYPE t 
where t.id = ${LiteratureTypes.id}
and e.delete_ts is null

Pay attention to using right name of parent band in query. In my example it is LiteratureType.
3. Next step you should modify your template and add named range for your band psv.
Here is information about how it could be implemented. Use name of your band.
4. Set parameter from your script to template in cell from added named range, for example, ${result}
5. Import modified template to report and save
5. Run report

Here is an example how it looks like:

Pay attention that modifying template isn’t available using LibraOffice, you should install at least OpenOffice

More information about Reports add-on


Thanks will try and update.