Errors in e-mail addresses validation

In the administration/user screen, using Generic UI, an e-mail address with a plus sign is rejected as invalid.
This is not the expected behaviour. Please refer to RFC or (special characters as !#$%&’*±/=?^_`{|}~ are valid.

There are some other “non-compliances” in the current validation (example is accepted, while two or more consecutive dots should only be accepted when the local part is quoted.)

The plus sign is quite important as it is used, amongst other, by GMail and optionnally Postfix (see recipient_delimiter option), to auto tag mails and allow transparent aliases.

To clarify, a mail to and will both arrive to the same account ( but the second one will be tagged with “cuba.platform”.

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Hi @thierry

Thank you for reporting the problem! I’ve created related issue: GitHub.