Error with CUBA dependencies [Gradle]

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I am trying to modify my classes in Eclipse after creating them in CUBA. However, as seen in the attached image, it gives me all errors in the import and others. I am adding dependencies of CUBA and it is not resolved. Can someone help me solve all this?

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Hello, @jordi.gisbert.ponsoda!

Do you use Cuba Studio?

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Yes, use Cuba Studio, however, I do not know what happened that has stopped making mistakes and works well now. The other doubt I have now, is that I do not know how to make a button call a method I have in Eclipse, I do not know how to integrate the code, any ideas?

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Just add invoke attribute with method name to button element in xml.
For example,
<button id="click" invoke="onClick"/>

will call method onClick in controller

Here the simple project with example

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Yes I know. I know that putting the invoke calls the method you have in the controller. But what I need is to make reference to the classes and methods that I have in Eclipse, and that is what I do not know how to integrate in this controller. In Eclipse I have the classes and the methots that call to the REST Service, they give me back all the data I need to show.




You settings in Eclipse with CUBA Plugins & Project SDK is correct?

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Yes, I have the settings configured correctly, but that is not what I am asking, watch out for the screenshots that I attach below.


What I want to achieve, is to call from the button action to the method that I show in the screen capture, which uses other classes and others, I do not know how to integrate it into CUBA, that is my problem.

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This one? Check Eclipse?