Error using "Extend an existing screen" when Groovy used

This is a minor issue.

When “Extend an screen” is used and the screen being extended is using Groovy, the template creates the new screen with a Java controller and you have to manually go back and fix the problem as the project will not compile anymore.

Just an FYI … this template does not feel right as the conventions it uses are suited more for extending Sys$ screens as opposed to app$ screens. You have to use it a couple of time to see what I mean. It’s not a big deal and hence why I have not spent time documenting what I am alluding to.


In my test environment, I have tried to adjust compilation of groovy-sources before java, but the compilation fails as groovy-screens depend on java-entities. So it seems, the only proper solution is to generate groovy-file if the super-class is on groovy.

I have created a YouTrack ticket with the “feature” type. Probably it will be implemented in the near future.

Thank you.