Hi, I’m trying to import a studio 6.10 project in the new CUBA 7 studio and when I try to buid the project I’m getting the following error:


any help will be fully appreciated.

Hi, I’m having the same message, but if you check the full Build output you will probably see no compilation errors, and the project will run successfully.

I suspect it is some left-over in the build scripts, but it doesn’t prevent the actual build process. Just ignore it and check the last lines in the Build tab, if they contains BUILD SUCCESSFUL in ... then you’re good to go.


UPDATE: what I’ve said in my previous post works, but please take a look at this other thread

Both you and I have probably opened the old project in the new studio in the wrong way, but it doesn’t bother me much unless it compiles and run.

Hi, many thanks for the feedback, actually the update helped me in fix the issue. In particular “You have to import CUBA 6.* based projects as an Intellij IDEA project”, basically just choose import project from Cuba 7 and then accept all the defaults. Thanks again!!!

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