Error on Report

Hi, i’m creating my first app, and i’ve used report designer (with wizard), and created a report:

Any problem on Select Region 1 for Customer Information, Region 2 for Contract information.

But 3, (table of products), not seeing the products inside the table.

I’ve attached file with info and template:

Doc1.docx (153.4K)

Template for report -Contrato- (1).docx (4.9K)

i’ve been attached generated document

Contrato (1).docx (12.5K)

Hi, Ivan!
Please attach a small demo project with a data model that is used inside the report and a report zip archive (you can get it by pressing the “Export” button at the “Reports” screen).

I attach a URL with project (it’s smallest project) :wink: (22.6K)

There is a bug in the Reporting module. The table is not filled if the last cell contains an alias with the “.” symbol (${producto.ref} in you case). As a workaround, you can move this column somewhere in the middle of the table and everything will work.
We will fix the issue in one of next releases. Thank you for reporting it.