Error on doing yt tutorial

I get an error after creating first model class with following message:
'_persistence_getRelationships()' in 'com.haulmont.chile.core.model.impl.AbstractInstance' clashes with '_persistence_getRelationships()' in 'org.eclipse.persistence.internal.weaving.PersistenceWeavedRest'; attempting to use incompatible return type
screenshot below (different example than in tutorial but with the same result):
Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 00.13.13

Any ideas?

On your screenshot it can be seen that java.lang.String canā€™t be resolved.
This most likely means that you project has invalid JDK (project SDK).

Please follow these instructions to set proper JDK (8 or 11 are supported):

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Right, thanks for your help.

Now creating complex solution should be straightforward :wink: