Error of upload dialog

Hi all I’m facing some issues by using upload dialog. Sometimes when I’m using using upload dialog it show incompleted UI (image below) not like it used to be. After I close the dialog, the page will start refreshing but it doesn’t finish. Only way it will back to normal is to close and refresh the page.

If anyone has solution to fix this or to check how it’s displayed please shared.
Many thanks

Could you please provide more information about your problem? Which version of the platform do you use? Which browser do you use? Do you set up upload dialog according to documentation?

Yes sure. I’m now using 7.2 version. I have set every thing as the document told. This happen sometimes when I click on upload button. There is nothing showed up even in catalina.log.

Which browser do you use? Is it a mobile app? Have you added browser zoom?

I’m using both Microsoft Edge and Chrome. Both faces this problem.
No browser zoom.

If it is possible, could you share the XML file of your screen or a small project in order to help us investigate the problem?

Yes sure

Please share the XML of the whole screen with tabs and upload dialog or a small project. If you are worried about privacy you can send files directly to me in private messages.