Error null when click OK Button

I would like to know why when i click this image will give error null

I have a Instance like these image and a Form

below is the error i got when i click OK

Hi @suriaeagle

Can you please show a source code of your Good and good_in_id entities?

Nadezhda. (4.2 KB)

this is the file share.

It seems that your question is not generic. We will be able to help you if you send us a small sample project along with a reproduction scenario that demonstrates the issue.

[quote=“n.shatalova, post:5, topic:15587”]

  1. in xml
  2. when i click that button it gives this error screenshot above null pointer exception and below from catalina

why this action=“windowCommitAndClose” gives null error ?

Of course the windowCommitAndClose action should not give the null error.
Your screens are quite complicated so we cannot explain why the problem appears without reproducing. We need to know at least how your entities source code looks like. So it would be helpful to get from you a small sample project.


here is the entity source code looks (2.2 KB) …

The problem occurs due this delegate in the GoodEdit controller because its returning value is null:

    @Install(target = Target.DATA_CONTEXT)
    private Set<Entity> commitDelegate(CommitContext commitContext) {
        return null;

You should remove or comment this code.