Error message after migrating to 2.1.3

Noticed that, one of my xml screen file is showing error as follows:

Attribute orientation is not allowed here

My code is:

            <vbox orientation="horizontal"

In every screen XML ‘xmlns’ is specified. The IDE validates your code using that ‘.xsd’ - file. Allowed component’s attributes are listed in it.
The error, you have specified, means that the ‘orientation’ attribute could not be applied to ‘Vbox’ component. The attribute is redundant and you can just delete it from the descriptor - everything should work.

How did you create that ‘vbox’ on the screen?
Now there is an issue in Studio: if the GroupBox is converted to VBox or HBox using a context menu, corresponding orientation attribute is not deleted. We will fix it.

Thank you for clarification and thanks in advance to fix it.