Error libraries building project

I have changed my computer, before that I did a Ghost image of hard disk and I copied it on the new computer. Now, when I build the project in Intellij IDEA it gives me this errors: BackgroundTask<Void, List<Incidencias>>(1000000, getFrame()) {})

Error:(22, 47) java: cannot access org.eclipse.persistence.internal.weaving.PersistenceWeaved
  class file for org.eclipse.persistence.internal.weaving.PersistenceWeaved not found

Error:(25, 74) java: cannot access org.eclipse.persistence.internal.descriptors.PersistenceObject
  class file for org.eclipse.persistence.internal.descriptors.PersistenceObject not found

Error:(45, 27) java: cannot access org.eclipse.persistence.queries.FetchGroupTracker
  class file for org.eclipse.persistence.queries.FetchGroupTracker not found
CollectionDatasource<Pedido, Integer> pedidoesDs;

Error:(20, 25) java: cannot access org.eclipse.persistence.internal.weaving.PersistenceWeavedFetchGroups
  class file for org.eclipse.persistence.internal.weaving.PersistenceWeavedFetchGroups not found

The project still working without problems when I run it locally.

Try to rename or remove ~/.gradle folder, then clean and assemble your project and re-create IDEA project files. All required libraries will be downloaded again.

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Done, now it’is building withouth problems!

Thank you so much