Error in Studio in opening some views post upgrade to 6.8.0

When trying to open some of the views I am facing following error:

20 AM

I removed the view and then recreated it with exact same attributes (confirmed as there was no diff in views.xml in git) and it started opening fine. But once I started server, then it again started failing with the exact same error.



Could you, please provide any details for this views?
So that we could reproduce the issue.
It would be very helpful if you can attach some sample project with this problem

YouTrack issue created

I am not able to reproduce this in a new sample project. Its happening in my project which I upgraded from 6.7.9. Let me try to create a project in 6.7.9 and then upgrade and see if it reproduces.

One interesting thing is that it is happening with views which somehow indirectly relates to bpm proc instance like in ProcTask views, Parcel (this the entity which I am tying to BPM processes) views etc.



Seems that we found the problem, fix is in progress. It will be available in the next Studio maintenance release.


Thanks for the update, does this issue only applies to opening views in Studio or it has some serious impact as well?

It only relates to View editor in Studio and doesn’t affect your project in any kind. And you can still edit this views in the IDE.

Fixed in Studio 6.8.1.

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