Error Editing Columns on GRID

Hi, when you use Column Editor of a Grid, and you change for example With from one field, if you change with in other field, the first is deleted.

edit columns

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We are unable to reproduce the issue.
If the problem persists, please, provide more details. F.e. steps to reproduce with screenshots.

Hi, i attach 4 Images, Edit Columns, Select Column, Goto With Value, Change directly to Other field to set the with, return to past field, and No Value.

But, if you clic on another FIELD of createdBy, the desired value in with is stored, and no changes if you move to another field.





Thank you for reporting the issue.

I have reproduced it with the following scenario:

  1. add a new column by clicking the “+ Add” button
  2. input a value to the “width” field of a new Column
  3. switch to another column.

If the column is not just added, the value is saved correctly.