Error Custom Db

I have a problem with Custom Db.
I tryed to configure AS400 db. I started from DemoAS400DB2 project downloaded from this link :

I’m be able to open db correctly,
When I start generate model wizard I have this error:

Exception during load custom DdlGenerator for ‘as400’ DB
startup failed: C:/Users/utente/StudioProjects/as400dashboard/modules/core/src/com/haulmont/studio/db/as400/As400DdlGenerator.groovy: 3:
unable to resolve class groovy.sql.Sql @ line 3, column 1. import groovy.sql.Sql ^ 1 error See log file for details

I attach log file.
idea.log (44.5 KB)

Thanks for your help


Thanks for your feedback!
The YouTrack issue created for the problem you described.

As a workaround you can do the following:

Hi Alexander,
thank you for response.
Now It’s all ok.