Error at creating a main data store on oracle


I am trying to create a main datastore at an oracle database (18c XE).
So I gave a user/password and the system/password to the cuba-database-setting.

Then I started the task “Create Database” from CubaStudio (2019.3, platform 7.2.6) and got an error:

[CubaDbCreation] Failed to execute SQL: create user xxxxx identified by yyyyyyy default tablespace users^
alter user xxxxx quota unlimited on users^
grant create session,
create table, create view, create procedure, create trigger, create sequence,
alter any table, alter any procedure, alter any trigger,
delete any table,
drop any table, drop any procedure, drop any trigger, drop any view, drop any sequence
to xxxxx^

Error: ORA-00922: missing or invalid option

I am quite sure, it is not the communication to the oracle-server because, if I create in my
database tool the user manually before, after this action, the user is gone, so the command
drop user is working.

When i called the cuba scripts to create the user manually, I get an error on:
create user xxxxx identified by yyyyyyy default tablespace users;
The error is gone when I am calling:
create user xxxxx identified by “yyyyyyy” default tablespace users;

Is it possible, that in cuba the quotationmarks around the password in the create-script are missing ?

When I call the above commands manually and then call update database from Cuba Studio
everything seems to work ?




Does your password start with a non-alphabetic character, or contain a character other than an alphanumeric character, the underscore (_), dollar sign ($), or pound sign (#)?


no. The password starts with a character sign.
It consists of characters with one underscore in the mid.