Error after upgrade to 6.10 - Unexpected error Please contact system administrator

I have just done an upgrade to 6.10 from 6.6. The web page will not load “Unexpected error
Please contact system administrator - Reload”

2018-05-13 22:30:53.001 ERROR [http-nio-8081-exec-6/app/anonymous] com.haulmont.cuba.web.AppUI - Unable to init ui
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
	at com.haulmont.cuba.web.App.getCookieValue(
	at com.haulmont.cuba.gui.WindowManager.init(
	at com.haulmont.cuba.gui.WindowManager.initWrapperFrame(
	at com.haulmont.cuba.gui.WindowManager.createWindow(
	at com.haulmont.cuba.web.WebWindowManager.createTopLevelWindow(
	at com.haulmont.cuba.web.App.createTopLevelWindow(
	at com.haulmont.cuba.web.DefaultApp.initializeUi(
	at com.haulmont.cuba.web.DefaultApp.connectionStateChanged(
	at com.haulmont.cuba.web.DefaultApp.loginOnStart(
	at com.haulmont.cuba.web.AppUI.setupUI(
	at com.haulmont.cuba.web.AppUI.init(
	at com.vaadin.ui.UI.doInit(
	at com.vaadin.server.communication.UIInitHandler.getBrowserDetailsUI(
	at com.vaadin.server.communication.UIInitHandler.synchronizedHandleRequest(
	at com.vaadin.server.SynchronizedRequestHandler.handleRequest(
	at com.vaadin.server.VaadinService.handleRequest(


What version exactly do you use?

P.S. Please use triple back quote symbol for exception blocks.

Hi Yurly,

I have upgraded from 6.6-snapshot to platform-6.10-SNAPSHOT.


You should not use 6.10 until we release something. It is the current (master) branch and we do not guarantee that 6.10-SNAPSHOT does work and will not break your project.

I’d recommend that you use the latest 6.8.8 release or wait for 6.9.0 release scheduled to the end of May.

Hi Yuriy,

Come to think of it I was using the 6.6-SNAPSHOT version. Have tried upgrading that to 6.8.8 with a clean database and I am still getting the same error :open_mouth:

It’s similar to this post Unexpected error in Login screen #747 - #7 от пользователя artamonov - CUBA.Platform however I have uninstalled BPM…app.log (22.3 KB)

Actually I have figured it out. I had a bean overriding the login service! This was so I could have multiple screens based on user roles.

Have removed this from web-spring.xml and deleted the class.

    <bean id="cuba_App"
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You can use your extension if you set scope to vaadin.