Error After Updating to Platform 6.10.17

Hi Guys,

So my app was running well until I decided to upgrade Cuba Studio from 6.10.16 to 6.10.17, and now it takes almost 10 minutes to bring up the logging screen, and when it goes, it doesn’t log in. It just freezes on that screen.

I tried to downgrade back to 6.10.16 which was working and now they both behave the same.

I was still developing, so I am using the hsql db and all standard ports.

The only error I am getting is attached.

Please help.

app.log (8.1 KB)

Generally, you should undeploy an application after switching platform version (the next major version of Studio will do it automatically). Try to run gradlew undeploy.

Hi @minaev,

I tried it and it didn’t work. Tried downgrading, re-uploading but still…Attaching the project. (151.1 KB)