Error adding a column to table

hi, we came in another question and we weren’t able to find a solution to that.

So, the situation is this,

Entity A: appUsers ( linked to user and with an NationaID attribut)
Entity B: workgroup ( with name, user and townhall link)
Entity C: townhall ( name of the townhall)

a user can be related to more than one workgroup.

In the auto generated browser form for appUsers we have a table with user, NationaID…and we added the column…or the column… but when we run the application we have this error: ClassCastException: org.eclipse.persistence.internal.indirection.jdk8.IndirectList cannot be cast to java.lang.String

where are we doing the error?

thank you very much

i think i had the same problem: display a MANY TO MANY relation in a table… i think i found the solution here Many-to-many link table with additional columns - #10 от пользователя shiryaeva - CUBA.Platform

i will let you know about it.

thank you!

No it wans’t the right solution, the proper solution is here:

add a transient attribute to the entity… GREAT SOLUTION!