Error #1 : URI Error -- Error #2: Cannot resolve symbol

(from a Java and Cuba Plateform newbie) Hi,

When I attempt to run my app, the following errors appear (please have a look at the screenshots)


The right hand side of the inspection screen shows for each error :


As a newbie, I am a little bit lost.

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi! Could you attach your project zip? You can create zip archive with gradle task zipProject. You can find it on screenshot.


I am sorry, could you let me know the steps to create the zip archive with gradle task zipProject ?

I tried to install the CUBA gradle plugin ( .

Unfortunately, I cannot locate the local Maven repository ( ~/.m2 ) and therefore run the command gradlew install (as explained here : cuba-gradle-plugin/ at master · cuba-platform/cuba-gradle-plugin · GitHub).

Is there not an easier/faster way to troubleshoot the issue ?


If you created the project with CUBA Studio or CUBA CLI, it already has CUBA Gradle plugin configured. You do not need install task, it builds and installs the project into your local maven repository to make it available for other projects, you do not need it now.

You can zip the project in two ways:


  1. Open terminal inside your project directory.
  2. Print gradlew zipProject (./gradlew zipProject if you use linux or mac) in the terminal.
  3. Press Enter.


  1. In CUBA Studio find Gradle button on right panel. Click on it, Gradle toolbar will appear.
  2. Inside the toolbar, there it your project tree. Expand it, find Task -> other -> zipProject.
  3. Double click on zipProject.

Both approaches will generate zip archive in projects root.

The file (86.7 KB)

How do you start the project?

Thanks a lot. I was able to start the application in the browser.
From the main menu, CUBA-> Start Application Server
(The console says then: “Server started at http://localhost:8080/app” and I was able to log in.)