Enumerations do not appear in Cuba Studio

I have defined several enumerations that are being used in different entities, the problem is that after uploading the code to SVN server these disappeared and only the can see directly in IntelliJ, but not in Cuba Studio.

Is there any way to fix this ?, the only thing different is that the store in a package called enums entity within the package.

I appreciate any suggestions.




Even I present problems with enumerations, I thought that the new version does not happen but it is happening. Whenever I synchronize my code with SVN repository all disappear, I must enter one by one so that they can see again, just as each entity enter where I used to be not eliminated.

Any suggestion to the problem that I present?

Did you try to reopen the project in the Studio?
It seems, that gone enums should appear in the menu after the project reopening.

That is precisely the problem does not appear, I must enter IntelliJ change something and then appear again, but when you close Cuba Studio and log in again no longer are. So I have to always do the same change something in the enum for IntelliJ to appear again.

Given that the problem is me this out of hand by the number of enumerations, decided to create an entity where I declare the values I need. The question now is, as I can load these default values and not have to go to her to create them ?.

what you can do is either to create the instances in the entity inspector. After adding them to the database you can select them and select export to get the data as a JSON file that can later be imported. Another possibility is to normally create them through the UI (entity inspector / generated screens) and make a right click on the data entry -> select “System information” and in the popup choose the button “Script for Insert” --> copy the content into “30.create-db.sql”. With this they will be created when the server starts up.


Thank you very much Mario, works well .

Anyway it’s good to review this case as well it’s not normal enumerations disappear with just sync my code with the repository.