Enumeration not updating

I have noticed that in an Enumeration if you attempt to update a Name or Id the application does not update. To get the update to take place you need to delete the created attribute and recreate it as the option that is needed.

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Could you clarify the problem? What you mean by “does not update”?


I have the same problem. Enum entity was updated in java class but not on screens (in table or fieldGroup component).

For example:

public enum SkryptSqlEnum implements EnumClass<Integer> {


I changed SELECT to TEST_SELECT table or lookupField show Select not Test Select


You also have to change the relevant entries in the message.properties file in your global entities folder.


Assumably you have renamed the attribute but its localization remains old.

Please see the following topic: https://www.cuba-platform.com/discuss/t/problem-with-old-values-of-an-enum

Thank you for the update. Due to the display not being controlled by the Name is why we are seeing this issue.