I’ve been recently migrating one of the Cuba 6.10 project to Cuba 7.2.

Once the Cuba Studio completed its magic, there were many errors which had to be fixed by me Which I did with the help of the Migration Guides provided.

I have completed all the changes as provided in the migration guides.

When I’m starting the server i’m getting the below error message.

Caused by: com.haulmont.cuba.core.sys.persistence.EntityNotEnhancedException: class com.company.cpreading.entity.masters.Customer; class com.company.cpreading.entity.masters.CustomerFields; class com.company.cpreading.entity.cpreadingentry.Infrastructure; class com.company.cpreading.entity.cpreadingentry.CPReadingEntry; class com.company.cpreading.entity.surveyplan.Season; class com.company.cpreading.entity.masters.SarvayPlan; class com.company.cpreading.entity.cpreadingentry.LSD; class com.company.cpreading.entity.cpreadingentry.ReadingShuntValues; class com.company.cpreading.entity.masters.DeficiencyTier; class com.company.cpreading.entity.masters.IsolationCheck; class com.company.cpreading.entity.masters.SurveyType;

These are all the Enmities in my project extending the Standard Entity.

I’m attaching few Simple Entities and Persistence.xml for referance.

persistence.xml (1.1 KB)
DeficiencyTier.java (1.3 KB)
IsolationCheck.java (991 Bytes)


Maybe you have broken enhancing configuration in your build.gradle file?

Yes! I copied that configuration from another Cuba 7.2 project and it started working.