EntityChangedEvent with Access Group Constraint

I have a Business what has an Owner which is a User.
There is an access group constraint so these Users can only see the Businesses they own.
When this User changes the Owner of the Business I need this entity in the EntityChangedEvent, but since the Owner changed txDm.load() returns no result because of the constraint.
Is there a way to solve this somehow?

Using the old onBeforeInsert and Update Overrides is not an option.

DataManager always applies row-level constraints.

As a workaround, you can execute a DataManager call with a user without security constraints (e.g. anonymous user).

AnonymousSessionHolder  anonymousSessionHolder;

UserSession userSession = anonymousSessionHolder.getSession();
AppContext.withSecurityContext(new SecurityContext(userSession), () -> {
                dataManager.load(new LoadContext())

Works perfectly, Thanks