Entity log with fts problem

Hi all,

I use the last versione of cuba platform framework 7.2.10 and I have a problem with entity log when en entity is listed in fts.xml file. In other words if I put the entity in fts.xml file and I update a record of this entity the system doesn’t register the change in entity log. If I remove the same entity from the fts.xml file the system registers the change in entity log.

I debuged and the problem is in EntityLog.java. at line 112, source code above:

    public void flush(String storeName) {
        EntityManagerContext context = persistence.getEntityManagerContext(storeName);
        List<EntityLogItem> items = context.getAttribute(EntityLog.class.getName());
        if (items == null || items.isEmpty())

        Set<EntityLogItem> saved = new LinkedHashSet<>(); 

the line 112 is List items = context.getAttribute(EntityLog.class.getName()); when fts is on the result in null, when fts is off the result is one Item.

do someone have this problem? How can I solve it?

Thanks to all for support

Could you please provide more information about your problem and if it is possible, attached a small project that reproduced it?


Hi @skatova,

the problem is that when I active indexing of an entity this entity doesn’t record more in entity log registry.

In attach my project. For replicate the case you can try to active registration for entity hfc_Place and try to to an insert and then an update. In entity log you shouldn’t find registration.


hfc.zip (14.4 MB)

Thank you for reporting the problem. We have created a GitHub issue.

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