Entity Log Instance selection Error

Hi CUBA team,

when I am using the entity log, I want to track a certain instance of the entity.

but when I open the selection window, it should one of the properties is not included in the view.

I want to know how to identify which view should be used?

please see the screenshot below



I tried to reproduce the problem but could not.
Could you bring more details?
Which version of the platform do you use?
Which fields of which types has the entity?

Hi Rostislav,

Thank you for you reply.

The version of CUBA I am using is 6.7.3

There are three views for entity Purchase Order, the attribute country is an association type of entity Country.


Best Regards.

We are still unable to reproduce the error. Entity is reloaded with the special(full) view for entity log.
Try to update your project as 6.7.3 is considered old.