Entity Inheritance through extended projects

I am trying to utilize the Entity Inheritance feature of Cuba but am running into issues. I believe the root of my problem is due to the fact that I need to perform this inheritance in a customer project that is extending our base project. The new entity should exist in the customer project but extend an entity in the base project.

I have configured the base entity to use the JOINED inheritance strategy but I am unable to select this entity class as the Parent Class in the customer project. When I manually change the “extends StandardEntity” to “extends WorkOrder” in the java file I get an error in Cuba Studio which states “Entity is unsupported”.

Am I missing some configuration somewhere in my base project to allow me to extend the entity in my customer project?

Thank you,
Corey Amoruso

After a restart of Cuba Studio and a clean of the project this inheritance started working as expected. I think Cuba Studio just got caught in a weird state.