Entity Identity in Browse and Editor Screens

Perhaps the reason I have never had someone provide me with a workaround is that it is not possible but I can’t have a user interface that looks like this.

I am aware that lookup values can be coded up in a java class, and that natural keys can be used, but I need to see the natural key, a unique text field populate the surrogate key from the referenced table.

How can I populate the lookup field
using display and values such as:

select o.org_cd, o.org_id
from   org o,
    org_mfr om
where  o.org_id = om.org_id;

Although the entire project is attached here is the postgresql schema.

drop schema simpleproject cascade;
create schema simpleproject;

set search_path to simpleproject;

create table org (
org_id serial primary key not null,
org_cd varchar(16),
org_nm varchar(32),
create table org_mfr (
org_id integer primary key not null references org(org_id),
mfr_cd varchar(10) not null,
create table product (
product_id serial primary key,
org_id_mfr integer not null references org_mfr,
product_descr varchar(60) not null,
mfr_product_id varchar(8),
create index product_org_mfr_ndx on
insert into org(org_cd, org_nm)
values (‘CUSTOMER1’,‘First Customer’)
insert into org(org_cd, org_nm)
values (‘CUSTOMER2’,‘Second Customer’)
insert into org(org_cd, org_nm)
values (‘MFR1’,‘First Manufacturer’)
insert into org_mfr(org_id,mfr_cd)
select org_id, ‘3871’
from org
where org_cd = ‘MFR1’
insert into product(org_id_mfr, product_descr, mfr_product_id)
select om.org_id, ‘Product 1 Description’,‘12345678’
from org o,
org_mfr om
where o.org_id = om.org_id and
o.org_cd = ‘MFR1’


![screen_edit|690x254](upload://7nSimpleProject.tar.gz (217.1 KB)

As I understand, you want to specify the Name pattern for the OrgMfr entity. To do so, open Entity Designer in Studio, go to the Instance name tab and select the property you want to display as a name. Select the attribute in the Available attributes list and move it to the Name pattern attributes list by clicking the button with the right arrow on it:


After that save the settings and restart the application. Entity instance name will be displayed in tables and lookup fields as specified in the Name pattern.