entity editor hide field depending on other field entry

hi, can I hide/show a field in the entity editor depending on the value of another field?

To hide or show a field, you may use the ‘visible’ attribute of the component and the ValueChangeListener.
Inside the body of the listener, you can check the value of the field and change the visibility of other components.

I have the same doubt. I have a screen with a few dropdown (enum based) and I need other to appear or hide based on a selection on a previous dropdown.

I’m very new to this, and was wondering if it can be done inside CubaStudio options or if there’s the need to code it, and if it’s the case if someone can point me to an example on how to do it.
I’ve check the link for the visible atributte and the ValueChangeListener but can’t figure out how to go from there.

thanks in advance.