Entity Cache with Dynamic Attributes

I’ve been optimizing our project on the Cuba Platform but have been running into issues when caching an entity that has Dynamic attributes. Saving from the entity edit screen I don’t run into any issues, but when I save the entity from a separate process in a transaction scope is where I run into problems. When the entity comes to its listener in the middle ware from a separate process it has it’s dynamic attributes loaded but they are out dated. Before attempting to cache this entity the dynamic attributes were never loaded from a separate process here and I had to load them explicitly. My problem is that I can’t easily tell from inside the listener if the dynamic attributes are out of date. The preferred scenario would be to have the Dynamic attributes not cached, but be either not loaded or be the most recent dynamic attributes. Is this something that you can fix in the next release? Or is there an easy work around? Thanks.

Hi Josh,

I’m afraid I need more explanation of the problem. The code saving the entity with dynamic attributes and the code of your entity listener would help.