Entities in lookup component


how show entities (same dictionary) in lookup in my edit form ?


can you elaborate in a little bit more detail what you want to achieve, what you already tried and if so why it didn’t work out?



I have a table (entities in cuba studio) with a field of type int, and other dictionary tables (entites).
In the table the dictionary I have some data, that have field id (integer).
I would like on the edit form using component lookup get field id (dictionary tables) and set value on edit form.

What is the best solution?

heh sorry my poor English. Understand me :)?

Hi Joanna,

Of course we understand you, no problem :slight_smile:

How did you model the relation between your entities? Usually it is enough to create an ASSOCIATION attribute and the platform will allow a user to select the reference in UI.

You can see it in Part 3 of the Quick Start tutorial.