Entities based on Views

I have another interesting topic that I would like to ask.

  1. I have an existing DB and I have a view there that returns value that I need.
  2. I have created a connection to that DB and generated an entity for that view.
  3. Based on that entity I created a Generic UI browser with standard edit, create buttons.
  4. I have created an entity in my App that is associated with that entity and Cuba give me the option to have it persistent field (cool!)

But now I have a problem I would like to:

  1. On edit of that view based entity to create this associated entity via its edit screen.

Can some one help me and tell me how to create an action that will open a custom screen with create option and passing some arguments?


Hi Mariusz

Please look at these sections of the documentation:
List Component Actions - explains how to override behavior of standard Create/Edit/Remove actions
Opening Screens - explains how to open arbitrary screens and pass parameters.