Enhancement request: Template

The template that Konstantin shared during a recent webinar that is really very good, I am using it extensively. I have some proposals to the team to bring a template that will have some added options:

  1. Option to make table(s) editable: in the Editor screen editable inline with pull down options especially tables related to composite Entity. When we hit Create or Edit button, a new row is created in the respective composite table and the cursor moves to the new row.
  2. Option to add TabSheet: In case an editor screen has more than one composite tables, the template puts them in different Tab of a TabSheet.
  3. Option to Use CssLayout: use CssLayout for different fields (replacing FieldGroup or not) to make the UI responsive

I tried to get some of them by modifying the standard template but it was not great!

Thanks team if you please develop a template with the above added functionalities. This will bring tremendous value to make CUBA studio more productive without any doubt.