Encoding issue on filtering record


I am facing really weird encoding issue, for example my data contains some characters like ‘ł’, ‘ź’, ‘č’, ‘tʼ’…
The dataGrid is reading them correctly but when I filter the record and search for a string that contains that particular character, it will show nothing.

Any Idea how can I overcome this?



Which version of the platform do you use? Which DBMS do you use?
In my test environment, it works OK with PostgreSQL and HSQLDB. MSSQL required manual setup of default for the database collation.


I am using platform version 6.5.8 and datastore MySQL.

Why do you use the old platform?
I have created a project on 6.5.8 and connected to MySQL 5.7. Filtering by ‘ł’, ‘ź’, ‘č’, ‘tʼ works OK. Moreover, the records are found by ‘z’, ‘c’, ‘t’ too.
My DB has Charset = utf8 and Collation Name = Default(utf8_general_ci).