enabledRule handler does not work for popupButton on groupTable

I have placed a popupButton in my groupTable and seeing that the enabledRule event handler is now being executed. Is this a bug ?

    @Install(to = "reviewPopupButton.reviewReview", subject = "enabledRule")
    private boolean reviewPopupButtonReviewReviewEnabledRule() {
        PatientForm pf = patientFormsTable.getSingleSelected();
                .withCaption("reviewReview EnabledRule")
                .withDescription("reviewReview EnabledRule")
        return false;

Thank you for reporting the problem. We created an issue

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Hello, @robert.gilbert!
Please look at the comment and try to set up your rule

Thank you Irina,

It now works !

I read the comment and my enabledRule is now triggered/invoked once I call refreshState for action in SelectionEvent of table.

    public void onPatientFormsTableSelection(Table.SelectionEvent<PatientForm> event) {
        reviewPopupButton.getAction("reviewPrint").refreshState();  // Need to call method refreshState() so that "enabledRule" for Action is triggered
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