Empty MANIFEST in Uberjar

I’m facing a strange issue, where uberjar(s) are created with an empty manifest.
I’m on Cuba 6.10.18, but I had the same issue with revisions 16 and 17.
So far, the issue seems related to the version of OpenJDK being used. Latest OpenJDK not having this issue is 1.8.0_242. I tried different distributions (AdoptOpenJDK, Zulu) and the result is the same.


The problem relates to JDK. We fixed that on the 7.2.5 platform (issue: buildUberJar create empty manifest file when using Java 8 · Issue #140 · cuba-platform/cuba-gradle-plugin · GitHub). As workaround you can use JDK 11 - it works without that problem.

Is Java 11 supported? The documentation states that only Java 8 is supported.

Java 9 is not supported yet. You can build and run CUBA applications only on Java 8.

Sorry, java 11 is supported only for 7.+ version. We are going to port fix into 6.10 version.

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Thank you very much!