Embedded component icon without coding


is it possible to simply insert an icon as an embedded component (not css based) without programming efforts? Whenever I try to drag an embedded component to a screen it will create an element with src=“null”. If I set the icon property a new icon will be created but the image still remains.

Are there any plans to let the source property of an embedded component be editable inside the studio properties panel? (similar to the programmatic approach using setSource() or setRelativeSource())

Apparently, PL-1164 which has been around since 2012 may solve this issue but is not planned and such I am not holding breath that it will be implemented. It is nice to know that there is comprehensive consideration for the feature.

The whole image issue is a problem for me and others. I really hope that the CUBA team makes efforts to address paying customer concerns regarding image handling. As far as I am concerned, images (static, database, referenced etc) should be a no-code exercise.


Currently you can use XML to set src and relativeSrc attributes:

<embedded relativeSrc="VAADIN/images/cuba-sticker.png"/>
<embedded src="theme://cuba-sticker.png"/>
<embedded src="url://http://localhost:8080/app/VAADIN/images/cuba-sticker.png"/>

We will add support for these attributes to CUBA Studio in one of the next bug fix releases. See STUDIO-3487

Please note that these attributes cannot be used for data binding, it is just simple references to an external static resource.


this sounds good. Looking forward to it. Thanks.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: