Email template management and display per user

Is there any way to build email templates in the system?

And display sent emails per user (in user edit screen)?



can you tell us a little more about your use case? Generally there is the ability to define email templates. See: Sending Emails - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

But the answer highly depends on what you mean by “email template management”.

Regarding the sent emails: There is a sent emails screen under Administration > Email History. Is that what you are looking for? In case not, what exactly are you looking for?


Hi Mario.

When I say email templates management, I mean like in every CRM/ERP system. (this for example: How To Create Gorgeous Email Templates in Zoho CRM: The Easy Way! - YouTube).

We are sending notifications to users from the crm, like purchase success / purchase failure / welcome / and more. I want to be able to edit these templates from the UI. Possible? or I need to create a custom entity for that?
Template for example:

Dear <b>${entity.firstName},</b>
thank you for joining us.
${entity.userManager.firstName} ${entity.userManager.lastName}

when I say related to user, I want in my customer-edit screen to show all the emails sent to the customer.



I see what you mean. No there is nothing out of in the platform. You would need to build a management ui with entities on top.

When taking about the templating of the email from different use cases (meaning different data as the basis) then there is the whole idea of the reports add-on that you should take a look at.

Because it has all the required building blocks already in place:

Stored templates (aka report)
Dynamic configurable data basis
HTML output with Templating

So basically you could reuse the reports engine, put some use-case specific management features around it, and take the report output as the HTML email content.

That would take away 80% of the heavy lifting from you and rely on the platform. Perhaps this is even something to create another add-on out of.



thank you. Ill need to develop that on my own.


We are going to introduce Email templates CUBA addon in a few weeks. This addon will be based on CUBA reports addon, so you will able to easily build email templates as CUBA reports.

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Hi @evgeny.zaharchenko ,
Can you please explain how email template may be related to email template?

Hi @avi.fatal,
Each email template will contain a reference to HTML CUBA report, which will be used as email body. Also, email template can have a list of CUBA reports which will be included in the email as attachments.