EMail template addon and special chars

Hi there,
I recently installed the email template addon.
Works well, except the (german) special chars (ü, ä, ect.).
In the dev-Environment it’s ok, but in prod all the chars are substituted with a ‘�’.
I guess it depends on the charset resp. utf-8 settings.

Does anyone know the exact cause resp. the solution therefore?

Thx, Willi

You should ensure two aspects of your deployment:

  1. The database has correct encoding, allowing storage of unicode symbols.
    1.1) For some DBs you should also specify a connection string parameter.
  2. Java server is launched using the -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 setting.

Thanks for the hint.

Unfortunately I’m not able to identify the exact relevant parameters. I’ve done a workaround (which is still
frustrating because the effects of templates do not apply) which provides all the text from a java service with converted (java to html) as parameter to the template.
Not the solution I wanted, but at least it works and give me the time for a clean fix.