Email Template Add-on List of entity problem

We added email-template-add-on to our project. But we have a problem with using list of entities(Customer Entity) param.
We wanna use this param’s name in our template as list. But it look like detached.${customer}
When we want to list names ${} nothing seems.
How do I list the names in the list?


we will check this issue and will reply on next week.


Thanks for your interest ! We are looking forward.

Hi @albayraktugba1030,

If you need to use a list of customers in parameters then you need to use report based template instead of design based template. In report based template in template you can use following code to print customer names for all customers:

<#list Root.fields.customers as customer>

Please read documentation for HTML report templates HTML Template - CUBA Platform. Report Generator.


Ok thanks for everything