Email sending service

Well, I have a question here.
Let’s try to explain.

Currently I have a normally configured email sending service, and this sends emails correctly, except for a few occasions.
In the cube log, the following history is displayed:Screenshot

Those that are highlighted in red, are in status sent, but have not arrived in the inboxes of the informed emails.

One note I noticed was that, at the time of these emails that did not arrive, they are 2 hours less.

I could not get any log regarding such problem to analyze.

Do you have any idea what it might be?

Where can I start investigating?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe the emails are considered as spam by recipient email service.
Try to send test email to that addressee: open Adminnistration-> JMX Console, find Emailer there and invoke the sendTestEmail() method (destination email-address is the method parameter).

Also check logs, cuba_Emailer writes the following to app.log when the message is successfully sent.

how to do that email mapping function.

See the development recipe. It describes basic emailService functions.