Email Bounce Monitor

I’ve been working with your email tools and saw that you listed number of attempts for an email to be sent. I was hoping this was tied to some sort of bounce monitor in the system that could detect if a sent email bounces on a failed delivery. Correct me if I’m wrong but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Are there plans for a bounce monitor for Cuba? Has anyone ever used one or have any suggestions here? If I can’t find one I’ll need to implement one, any suggestions on how I could make it work with the current Cuba email system?


You are right, there is no any bounce monitor in CUBA email sending mechanism.

It would require reading a mailbox and matching it somehow with the currently queued emails. I think that it can be implemented as an absolutely separate mechanism, you just need to change the status attribute of the SendingMessage entity (SYS_SENDING_MESSAGE.STATUS column) for emails detected by your monitor.