Editor screen with multiple tabs/entities


I have an editor screen with a tabsheet. One tab shows the Account details and the other tab the Comments. The main datasource of the editor is the Account. In the Comments tab I have a textfield to enter a comment and a button to post the comment. Underneath I have a table with the comments for that account. How do I save the comment? I understand that the commit() method from the AbstractEditor refers to the main datasource and so would not save the comment. So how am I able to use the AbstractEditor methods releated to the comments datasource?

Regards, Edwin.

Hi Edwin,
You can either call commit() for a particular datasource, or for the whole DsContext. In the latter case all dirty datasources of the screen will be committed.
Use injection to the controller fields to get references to datasources and DsContext (Alt+Insert > Inject in IntelliJ).