Editor Screen doesn't return correct StandardOutcome

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to catch the Outcome from an Entity’s Editor screen but it seems like it’s not as one expected.
The screen here is the LenderBrowse screen (created as normal way). And I’m catching the AfterCloseEvent as you can see.

As the code in the screenshot, I’m trying 4 options here:

  1. Press Create new but cancel
  2. Press Create new and then save/commit
  3. Press Edit but cancel
  4. Press Edit and then save/commit


In the four cases the logged outcome are the same. (CLOSE and then DISCARD) without any COMMIT.

Is this a bug or something intended? I prefer not having to call the screenBuilder to create the editor screen.

Thank you for your time,

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P.S: I’ve also try afterCommitHandler but i think it doesn’t catch this event.

In my trivial test project the outcome is correct.
Please try to reproduce your issue on this project:
untitled6.zip (87.6 KB)

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Holy smoke. I just figured out I did use preventCommit() in the Editor screen.
Thank you so much and so sorry for the dumb question !