Editor screen delete list entities before add new entities programmatic

Hello community,

I have a editor screen with a list of related entities and I need to delete the existing entities before I add new entities into the list programmatic.

current entity and related entities are based on StandardEntity and the datasource for the related entities is a nested collection-datasource.

I have an import button which loads the new entities into the list with:

at the end I do an:

The adding works and the screen will be refreshed afterwards, but even I try to delete the old entities before, I have both (old and new) entities in the list when I do a second import.

For deleting I have tried to remove the existing entities before I add the new ones with:

	    for (PartlistItem delPli : itemsDs.getItems()) {

But got the following exception:

at java.util.Vector$Itr.checkForComodification(Vector.java:1210)
at java.util.Vector$Itr.next(Vector.java:1163)
at org.eclipse.persistence.internal.indirection.jdk8.IndirectList$1.next(IndirectList.java:82)
at java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableCollection$1.next(Collections.java:1042)
at de.smkc.cuba.fdl.web.partlist.PartlistEdit.loadPartlistItems(PartlistEdit.java:223)
at de.smkc.cuba.fdl.web.partlist.PartlistEdit.onButtonImportClick(PartlistEdit.java:166)

Looks I doing it wrong…

Any suggestions and hints are desirable.

Studio: 6.8.5 - Platform: 6.8.8

Thanks in advance

This can be a random guess, but did you commit() changes after removeItem() and before refresh ds?

Hi Ivan,

the exception occurs already by removing the item in the for-loop…
I haven’t a change to do a commit()



this is the problem you are facing: How to avoid java.util.ConcurrentModificationException when iterating through and removing elements from an ArrayList - Stack Overflow

Take the first suggested solution, it should do the trick…

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Hi Mario,

thanks, you are right. Just need to loop afterwards, since DataSource has no ‘removeAll’ method :slight_smile: