Editing wizard generated report template in OpenOffice

I have a report template generated using the report generating wizard in CUBA where i have a table. When I run it or even in pre-view I can see the table but everything becomes plain text without any table when I open it in OpenOffice. Any clue?

Template for report -Report for entity -Purchase Order–.docx (4.7K)

The problem is that the OpenOffice (latest version 4.1.2) could not correctly handle “.docx” format.
It is better to use the LibreOffice instead.
The platform supports both Libre- and OpenOffice. If the “reporting.openoffice.path” application property points to the LibreOffice directory, all the reporting functionality should also work.

reporting.openoffice.path = C:/Program Files (x86)/LibreOffice 5/program

Thanks. I used Libre and it worked very well.