Editing cuba designer

Is it possible for users (subscribers?) to modify Cuba Studio itself to include additional features? A simple example would be to add a field in the entity designer screen of Studio to include comments for tables and columns and have studio include this text in DDL.
As far as I can tell, Cuba add-ons only extend the application produced.

There are no general extension / plugin mechanism in the CUBA Studio to extend its functionality.

Studio currently offers the following extension points:

  • Abilty to integrate with custom unsupported database: CUBA Studio User Guide
  • Customization of screen templates (will be available soon with release 14.0)
  • Integration of custom UI components into Screen Designer by marking component interface with metadata annotations (will be available soon with release 14.0)

We have a ticket in our issue tracker for the functionality you are describing: https://youtrack.cuba-platform.com/issue/STUDIO-4635
However I am not sure that it will be implemented in the near future.

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Thanks, Alex.
I’d like to suggest that you consider putting a simple “hook” into the designer as an upcoming enhancement that could be used until you decide to implement a broader enhancement or plugin framework to the Studio.

If you were to build in a simple comment field into the studio designer window that simply placed text in the foo.java file between standard java comment characters ( /** comment */) then developers could write scripts and programs to automate some repeated tasks. For example, I’d like to keep my DB comments and java entity descriptions consistent in documentation. With something simmpe like this, I’d be able to write a program to search for my specific comment text and update the DB comments through a DDL script.
Such an enhancement could also be used for things like inserting custom annotations and code snippets. (Though, it would be best if you could expose the metadata used by Studio, but simple text processing is better than nothing.)

IMHO this could greatly enhance the usability of Cuba Studio, strengthen your support community, likely broaden the appeal to more users and beginning developers, and potentially extend your market into the no-code space.