Editable Table - Wrong focus FW 7+

Table is loosing focus on value change.

  1. Open Cuba sampler, Components-> Table -> Editable Table
  2. hide columns other than Name and Age
  3. select age in any row, edit value, press Tab

I made a gif from sampler for better explanation.
In FW 6, this worked perfectly, since FW 7, every value change breaks focus.


We found out that if same table settings are used inside in edit screen eg. Vehicle contains composition of Service notes, this table have correct focus, gif:

It is working correctly only if all columns of table are marked editable.
If at least 1 column is marked editable=“false”, full table refresh happens on every value change.

Hello @expresado

You can solve the problem with replacing non editable columns by generated columns with Labels. In this case focus will be switched correctly.


Thank you very much for workaround.
Here is code that should work fine

public void init(Map<String, Object> params) {
                Label<String> label = uiComponents.create(Label.class);
                Object val = entity.getValueEx(col.getIdString());
                return label;

EDIT: #format instead of #instancename and string casting, v2 #format does null check also!

By the way, you can use MetadataTools#format(value) instead of metadataTools.getInstanceName and String.valueOf. It will show correct decimal / date format depending on your locale.

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Hi @artamonov,

Good that there is a workaround, but will this be fixed in 7.1 ? For months I scan the forum to assess the stability of the platform v7, waiting for the good moment to upgrade.

Our project is very big, and I would like to avoid us spending weeks coding workarounds here and there just to have the same level of functionnality than platform v6.


Hello @michael.renaud

Most likely this case will never be fixed, because it’s related to Table rendering process and requires a lot of work to re-write it.


image Add to aggregation properties.
How do you resolve this wrong focus problem?